The Inter-School English Department
Sunday, January 6, 2002

The six English programs of the two HAEF Colleges, Athens College and Psychico College, fall under the aegis of the Inter-school English Department. The Head of the Department coordinates with the heads of the individual English Programs of the six school units.

An important goal of the HAEF English Department is to enable graduating students, if they so choose, to successfully pursue a course of undergraduate studies at an English speaking university abroad. Another important goal is to provide our students with oral competency in English so to enable confident interaction.

Teaching practices tend to reflect the 'Teaching for Understanding' framework set out by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Teaching for Understanding embraces the following principles:

  • Clearly defined goals, on-going assessment of those goals, alternative forms of assessment (e.g. rubrics, portfolios and multiple measures), emphasis on understanding
  • Promotion of life-long learning skills: critical thinking, ability of students to work independently, fostering of individual interests
  • Student-centered learning through project work, group work, use of new technologies 



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